Mediterranean Mystery Novels

***denotes favorites


  1. ***Alicia Gimenez Bartlett / Detective Petra Delicado; Barcelona. First — Death Rites (1996)/ Latest — Prime Time Suspect (2000). Noir
  2. P.J. Brooke (Scottish) / Inspector Max Romero; Granada. First — Blood Wedding (2008)/ Latest — Death’s Other Kingdom (2011).
  3. ***Arturo Pérez-Reverte / Stand Alone novels. First – The Dumas Club (1993) / Featured imageLatest – The Siege (2013). My favorite — The Flanders Panel (2004).
  4. ***Roderic Jeffries (British) / Inspector Alzarez; Mallorca. First — Mistakenly in Mallorca (1974)/ Latest — Murdered by Nature (2012). Cozy
  5. Eduardo Mendoza/ Barcelona. First – The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt (2008)/ Second — The Olive Labyrinth (2010).       Stand Alone – An Englishman in Madrid (2013). Cozy
  6. Manuel Vàzquez Montalban / PI Pepe Carvalho; Barcelona. First — Murder in the Central Committee (1984) / Latest — Tattoo (2008). Noir
  7. Domingo Villar/ Inspector Leo Caldas; Vigo. First — Water-Blue Eyes (2008)/ Second — Death on a Galician Shore (2011).
  8. Jason Webster (American)/ Chief Inspector Max Cámara; Valencia. First — Or the Bull Kills You (2011) / Latest — The Anarchist Detective (2013).
  9. ***Robert Wilson (British)/ Inspector Javier Falcon; Seville. First — The Blind Man of Seville (2003) / Latest — The Ignorance of Blood (2009). Also Stand Alones.


    1. Featured image***Petros Markaris / Inspector Costas Haritos; Athens. First — Deadline in Athens (2004)/ Latest — Che Committed Suicide (2009). Noir
    2. Jeffrey Siger (American)/ Detective Andreas Kaldis; Mykonos. First — Murder in Mykonos (2009)/ Latest — Mykonos After Midnight (2013).


  • Yasmina Khadra/ Superintendent Llob; Algiers. First — Morituri (2003)/ Second – Dead Man’s Share (2009). Noir


  1. Esmahan Aykol/ Mystery book store owner Kati Hirschel; Istanbul. First — Hotel Bosphorus (2011)/ Second — Baksheesh (2013). Cozy
  2. ***Joseph Kanon (American)/ Stand Alones. Istanbul Passage (2012).
  3. Barbara Nadel (British) /Inspector Cetin Ikmen; Istanbul. First — Belshazzar’s Daughter (1999)/ Latest — Deadline (2013).
  4. Orhan Pamuk/ Three Stand Alone Mysteries —The Black Book (1994)/ My Name Is Red (2001)/ Snow (2004).
  5. Mehmet Murat Somer / Transvestite Hop-Ciki-Yaya; Istanbul. First — The Prophet Murders (2008) / Latest — The Serenity Murders (2012). Cozy
  6. Jenny White (German)/ Magistrate Kamil Pasha; 1880’s Istanbul. First — The Sultan’s Seal (2006)/ Latest — The Winter Thief (2010).

Israel/ Palestine/Lebanon

  1. Batya Gur/ Chief Superintendent Michael Ohayon; Jerusalem. First — The Saturday Morning Murder: A Psychoanalytic Case (1992)/ Latest — Murder in Jerusalem (2006). Noir
  2. ***Misha Hiller (British)/ Stand Alones. First – Sabra Zoo (2010)/ Second – Shake Off (2011).
  3. Edna Mazya/ Stand Alone. Only in English – Love Burns (2006).
  4. ***Matt Beynon Rees Featured image(British)/ Palestinian Teacher Omar Yussef; Bethlehem. First — The Bethlehem Murders (2007)/ Latest — The Fourth Assassin (2010).
  5. Robert Rosenberg (American)/ Detective Avram Cohen; Jerusalem. First — Crimes of the City (1991)/ Latest — An Accidental Murder (2002).
  6. ***D.A. Mishani / Detective Avraham Avraham; Tel Aviv. First in English – The Missing File (2013).


  1. Michael Pearce (English)/ Inspector Mamur Zapt; 1900’s Cairo. First — The Mamur Zapt and the Return of the Carpet (1988)/ Latest — The Bride Box (2013). Cozy
  2. Elizabeth Peters (American)/ Amelia Peabody; 1900’s Egypt. First — Crocodile on the Sandbank (1975)/ Latest — A River in the Sky (2010). Cozy
  3. Paul Sussman (British)/ Inspector Yusuf Khalifa; Luxor. First — The Lost Army of Cambyses (2002)/ Latest — The Labyrinth of Osiris (2012).


Featured image

  • ***Mark Mills (American)/ Malta 1942. The Information Officer (2009).

CorsicaFeatured image

  • ***Daniel Silva (American)/ Israeli Agent Gabriel Allon. Series 13th book takes Allon to Corsica. The English Girl (2013).

Mediterranean Cruises

William Doonan– Mediterranean Grave (2011) Henry Grave is an investigator for the Association of Cruising Vessel Operators. A World War II P.O.W., Henry is as cunning as he is charming, and at 84 years of age, he fits right in with his fellow passengersl. Anchored off the Greek island of Thera, Henry comes aboard to find a murdered Egyptian federal agent. Cozy

Elizabeth Adler– Sailing to Capri (2006) Teaming up to investigate six possible suspects in the mysterious death of an English Yorkshire tycoon, Daisy Kean and private investigator Harry Montana interact with the suspects on a lavish Mediterranean cruise. Cozy

Conrad Allen– Murder on the Marmora (2004) Accepting a new assignment, one that includes keeping an eye on the Duke and Duchess of Fife during a luxury cruise to Egypt, ship’s detectives George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield find their 1908 voyage interrupted by a murderer on board. Cozy

Margot Arnold– The Midas Murders (1995) American anthropologist Penny Spring and British archaeologist Sir Toby Glendower embark on their twelfth adventure aboard a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, where a father-and-son pair of millionaires meet their end. Cozy

***Sarah Caudwell– Shortest Way to Hades (1985) Complications include murder when five British barristers petition the court for the alteration of Lady Frances Remington-Fiske’s trust arrangements for her five-million-pound estate. A sailing odyssey through the eastern Mediterranean is an important plot element. Cozy

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