Favorite Female Mystery Authors

Amateur Detectives

  1. Spencer-Fleming, Julia (U.S.); series character Rev. Clare Fergusson. First book in series – In the Bleak Midwinter, 2002. Upstate NY; new female priest just out of army. (Combination)
  2. Cody, Liza (British); series character Eva Wylie. First book in series – Bucket Nut 1992. Female professional wrestler and junkyard guard. (Combination)Featured image
  3. Neely, Barbara (US); series character Blanche White. First Book in series – Blanche on the Lam 1992. African American house cleaner in South. (Combination)
  4. Cross, Amanda (Carolyn Heilbrun)(US); series character Kate Fansler. First book in series – In the Last Analysis 1964. In style of Dorothy Sayers; witty, crisp social commentary. (Softboiled/Combination)

Police or Police Assistants

  1. Barr, Nevada (US); series character Anna Pigeon. First book in series—Track of the Cat, 1993. Law enforcement park ranger; each book takes place in different National Park. Best – Superior Death, Firestorm, Blind Descent, Winter Study. (Combination)Featured image
  2. O’Connell, Carol (US); series character Kathleen Mallory. First book in series – Mallory’s Oracle, 1994. Rebel cop with psychological troubles in NY City. (Hardboiled)
  3. Padgett, Abigail (US); series character Bo Bradley. First book in series – Child of Silence, 1993. Child abuse investigator San Diego who is bi-polar. (Combination)
  4. Evanovich, Janet (US); series character Stephanie Plum. First book in series – One for the Money, 1994. Not very good bounty hunter, humor. (Softboiled after first book)
  5. Lanier, Virginia (US); series character Jo Beth Sidden. First book in series – Death in Bloodhound Red, 1995. Search and rescue in GA with bloodhounds. Lanier started writing in her 60’s. (Combination)
  6. King, Laurie (US); series character Kate Martinelli. First book in series – A Grave Talent, 1993. San Francisco. (Combination)

Private Investigators

  1. Stevens, Taylor (US); series character Vanessa Munroe. First book in series – The Informationist, 2011. One of the new emerging action heroines; Africa setting. (Hardboiled/Combination)
  2. Lippman, Laura (US); series character Tess Monaghan; Baltimore. First book in series – Baltimore Blues, 1997. (Combination)
  3. Barnes, Linda (US); series character Carlotta Carlyle; Boston. First book in series – A Trouble of Fools, 1987. Sometimes Boston cab driver. (Combination)Featured image
  4. Scoppettone, Sandra (US); series character Lauren Lauranao, NYC. First book in series – Everything You Have is Mine, 1991. Lesbian P.I. main character. (Combination)
  5. Rozan, S.J. (US); series character Chinese American Lydia Chin; NYC. The first book in series – China Trade, 1994. Two narrators, odd number Chin and even number Bill Smith, Chin’s partner. (Combination)
  6. Nelscott, Kris (U.S.); series character Smokey Dalton. First book in series – A Dangerous Road, 2001. African American P.I. involved in historical events starting with assassination of MLK. (Historical/Combination)

International Favorites

  1. Penny, Louise (Canadian); series character Chief Inspecgtor Gamache. First book in series – Still Life, 2005. Surete du Quebec police force (Softboiled)
  2. Mina, Denise (Scottish); series character Maureen O’Donnell. First book in series – Garnethill, 1999. Sleuth is young female victim of abuse with psychiatric problems! Very similar to Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! (Combination)
  3. Ferraris, Zoe (U.S.); Set in Saudi Arabia –series characters Katya Hijazi and Nayir Sharqi. First book in series – Finding Nouf, 2008. Author married a Saudi and writes of female crime specialist and pious desert guide. (Combination)Featured image
  4. Nunn, Malla (South African); series character Detective Emmanuel Cooper. First book in series – A Beautiful Place to Die, 2009. Racial and social tension in South Africa (Combination)
  5. Leon, Donna (U.S.); series character Inspector Guido Brunetti. First book in series – Death at La Fenice, 1992. Author lives in and writes of Venice, Italy (Softboiled/ Combination)
  6. Anne Holt (Norwegian); series character Insepctor Hanne Wilhelmsen. First Book in series – The Blind Goddess, 1993.  Novel 1222 nominated for Edgar Award (Combination)

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