Historical Mysteries

** denotes favorite; ***special favorite

Ancient Times

Lindsey Davis (England); Marcus Didius Falco of Ancient Rome Series – First book/latest: The Silver Pigs, 1989/Nemesis, 2010.

Margaret Doody (Canada); Aristotle and Stephanos Series – First book /Latest: Aristotle Detective, 1978/ Mysteries in Eleusis, 2005. Athens, 332BC.

RS Downie (England); Army Doctor in Roman occupied Britian Series – First book/Latest: Ruso and the Disappearing Dancing Girls, 2006/ Ruso and the River of Darkness, 2011.

Lynda S. Robinson (US ); Lord Meren Series – First book/Latest: Murder in the Place of Anubis, 1994/ Slayer of Gods, 2001. Ancient Egypt of King Tut.

Rosemary Rowe (England); Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Series – First book/Latest: The Gernamicus Mosaic, 1999/ A Whispering of Spies, 2012. A 2nd century AD freedman and pavement-maker has a reputation for solving crime.Featured image

Steven Saylor (US); Gordianus the Finder; the large, eccentric, philosophical investigator in ancient Rome – First book/Latest: Roman Blood, 1990/ The Triumph of Caesar, 2008.

David Wishart (Scotland); Marcus Corvinus of Ancient Rome Series – First book/latest: Ovid, 1995/ No Cause for Concern, 2012.

Middle Ages (5th to 15th Centuries)

Paul Doherty (England); 13 Series set in Middle Ages, Classical, Greek, Ancient Egypt. Writes both as P.C. Doherty and Paul C. Doherty, as well as the pennames: Anna Apostolou, Michael Clynes, Ann Dukthas, C.L. Grace, Paul Harding and Vanessa Alexander. His series include The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan, the Hugh Corbett medieval mysteries and the Canterbury Tales of mystery.

**Ariana Franklin (England); Mistress of the Art of Death Series – First book/Latest: The Mistress of the Art of Death, 2007/ A Murderous Procession, 2010. A female forensics expert in Cambridge, England.

Margaret Frazer (US); Joliffe the Player Series – First book/Latest: A Play of Isaac, 2004/ A Play of Heresy, 2011. Sister Frevisse Series – The Novice’s Tale, 1992/ The Apostate’s Tale, 2008. Set in 1430’s Coventry, England.

Susanna Gregory (England); Physician Matthew Bartholomew Series – First book/Latest: A Plague on Both your Houses, 1996/ Murder by the Book, 2012. Thomas Chaloner Series – First book/ Latest: A Conspiracy of Violence, 2006/ The Piccadilly Plot, 2012. Also writes as Simon Beaufort – Sir Geoffrey Mappestone Series.

Simon Levack (England); Aztec Series – First book/Latest: Demon of the Air, 2004/ Tribute of Death, 2007. Set in Pre-Columbian Mexico on eve of the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

Karen Maitland (US); The Medieval Murders – First book/Latest: Company of Liars, 2008/The Falcons of Fire and Ice, 2012. 1300’s England.

Sharan Newman (US); Catherine LeVendeur Series – First book/Latest: Death Comes as Epiphany, 1993/ The Witch in the Well, 2004. 12th Century France.—romance, mystery, thriller.

IJ Parker (US); Sugawara Akitada Series – First book/Latest: Rashomon Gate, 2002/ The Masuda Affair, 2011. Eleventh Century Japan.

Ellis Peters (England); Cadfael Series – First book/Latest: A Morbid Taste for Bones, 1977/ Brother Cadfael’s Penance, 1992. 12th Century Benedictine monk/detective.

Candace Robb (England); Owen Archer Series – First book/Latest: The Apothecary Rose, 1993/ A Vigil of Spies, 2008. Captain of the Guard to Archbishop 1370’s.

Peter Tremayne (England); Sister Fidelma Series – First book/Latest: Absolution by Murder, 1994/The Seventh Trumpet, 2012.

Jeri Westerson (US); Crispin Guest Medieval Noir Series – First book/Latest: Veil of Lies, 2008/ Blood Lance, 2012. Disgraced Knight 1383 London

Renaissance (14th to 17th Centuries)

Fiona Buckley (England); Ursula Blanchard of England Series – First book/Latest: The Robsart Mystery, 1997/ Queen’s Bounty, 2012.

Kathy Emerson (US); Susanna, Lady Appleton of England Series – First book/Latest: Face Down in the Marrow-Bone Pie, 1997/ Face Down O’er the Border, 2007. Cozy

Elizabeth Eyre (US); Sigismondo, Italian Renaissance Whodunit Series – First book/Latest: Death of the Duchess, 1991/ Dirge for a Doge, 1996. Cozy

Philip Gooden (England); Shakespearean Murder Mystery Series – First book/Latest: That Sleep of Death, 2000/ An Honourable Murder, 2005.

Edward Marston (England); Elizabethan Theater Series – First book/Latest: The Queen’s Head, 1988/ The Princess of Denmark, 2006. Several other series taking place from the 1086 to the 1800’s England. Also writes under A.E. Marston.

**Arthur Perez-Reverte (Spain); Captain Alatriste of Spain Series – First book/Latest: Captain Alatriste, 2005/ The Pirates of the Levant, 2009. Alatriste is a swordsman for hire in the 1620s.

Featured image

Laura Joh Rowland (US); Sano Ichiro of Japan Series – First book/Latest: Shinju, 1994/ The Incense Game, 2012.

***CJ Sansom (England); Matthew Shardlake Series – First book/Latest: Dissolution, 2003/ Heartstone, 2010. Hunchbacked lawyer Shardlake tries to investigate and survive the reign of Thomas Cromwell and King Henry VIII.

***Kenneth Wishnia (US); Benyamin Ben-Akiva, Talmudic scholar, 1592 Prague – First book: The Fifth Servant, 2010. New series. Jews try to find refuge during Christianity’s inquisition.

18th / 19th Century Europe

Bruce Alexander (US); Sir John Fielding Series – First book/Latest: Blind Justice, 1994/ Rules of Engagement, 2005. Features a blind London judge, 1700’s.

Jason Goodwin (England); Eunuch Yashim Lastname Series – First book/Latest: The Janissary Tree, 2006/ An Evil Eye, 2010. Turkey, 1830’s.

C.S. Harris (US); Sebastian St. Cyr Series—First book/ latest: What Angels Fear, 2005/ What Maidens Mourn, 2012. Features Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, a brilliant young nobleman shattered by his experience in the Napoleonic Wars.

***David Liss (US); Benjamin Weaver Series – First book/Latest: A Conspiracy of Paper, 2000/ The Devil’s Company, 2009. Jewish, ex-pugilist Weaver investigates as a “thieftaker,” a combination bounty hunter/ private eye in London 1700’s.

R.N.Morris (England); Detective Porfiry Petrovich Series – First book/Latest: The Gentle Axe, 2007/The Cleansing Flames, 2011. The detective Porfiry Petrovich, in his first murder case since Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” in St. Petersburg, 1860’s.

Beverly Graves Myers (US); Tito Amato Series – First book/Latest: Interrupted Aira, 2004/ Her Deadly Mischief, 2009. Opera in Venice 1730’s. CozyFeatured image

**Imogen Robertson (England); Crowther and Westerman Series – First book/Latest: Instruments of Darkness, 2009/ Circle of Shadows, 2012. Anatomist 1780’s England.

**Rebecca Stott (England); Stand Alones – First book/Latest: Ghostwalk, 2007/ The Coral Thief, 2008. Author scholar writes about Isaac Newton’s involvement with alchemy and Darwin’s theory of evolution during the Napoleonic Parisian days.

18th / 19th Century United States

James Brewer (US); Masey Baldridge and Luke Williamson Series – First book/Latest: No Bottom, 1994/ No Escape, 1998. Big River Detective Agency in 1870’s along the southern Mississippi River.

Joan Druett (New Zealand); Wiki Coffin Mystery Series – First book/Latest: A Watery Grave, 2004/ Deadly Shoals, 2007. 1838-42 United States South Seas Exploring Expedition, a famous, though scandalized scientific voyage of ships from Virginia to “the far side of the world.”

Barbara Hambly (US); Benjamin January Series – First book/Latest: A Free Man of Color, 1997/ Ran Away, 2011. A Creole physician and music teacher in 1833 New Orleans.

Barbara Hamilton (US); Abigail Adams Mystery Series – First book/Latest: The Ninth Daughter, 2009/ Sup with the Devil, 2011. Revolutionary US.

**Miriam Monfredo (US); Seneca Falls Series – First book/Latest: Seneca Falls Inheritance, 1992/ Must the Maiden Die, 1999. Starts with the Women’s Rights Convention of 1848 and goes to 1861. Cain Trilogy – First book/Latest: Sisters of Cain, 2000/ Children of Cain, 2002. Civil war.

Ann Parker (US); Silver Rush Mystery Series – First book/Latest: Silver Lies, 2003/ Mercury’s Rise, 2011. Gold rush in 1879 Rocky Mountains. Cozy

**Owen Parry (US); Abel Jones, Union Soldier Investigator during Civil War – First/ Latest: Faded Coat of Blue, 1999/ Bold Sons of Erin, 2003.

***Eliot Pattison (Scotland); Stand Alone Colonial America Mysteries – First book/Latest: Bone Rattler, 2007/Eye of the Raven, 2010.

**Daniel Pearl (US); Stand Alone Eastern US Mysteries – First book/Latest: The Dante Club, 2003/ The Last Dickens, 2009. Mid- 1800’s

Victorian England (1837 to 1901)

Tasha Alexander (US); Emily Ashton Series – First book/Latest: And Only to Deceive, 2005/ Death in the Floating City, 2012.

Charles Finch (US); Charles Lenox Series – First book/Latest: A Beautiful Blue Death, 2007/ A Burial at Sea, 2011. Victorian gentleman and armchair explorer. Cozy

Alanna Knight (Scotland); Inspector Faro Series – First book/Latest: Enter Second Murderer, 1988/ The Seal King Murders, 2011. Victorian-era Edinburgh.

Anne Perry (England); Inspector Thomas Pitt Series – First book / Latest: The Cater Street Hangman, 1979/ Midnight at Marble Arch, 2012. Currently 29 books in the series.

Elizabeth Peters (US); Amelia Peabody Series – First book/ Latest: Crocodile on the Sandbank, 1975/ A River in the Sky, 2010. Egyptian archaeology mysteries begins in 1880’s and runs into the 1920’s. Cozy

Deanna Raybourn (US); Lady Julia Grey Series—First book/Latest: Silent in the Grave, 2006/ The Dark Enquiry, 2011.Featured image

**Catherine Shaw (US?France?); Schoolmistress Vanessa Duncan Series – First book/latest: The Three-Body Problem, 2004/ The Riddle of the River, 2007. For those who like math and complex riddles.

Turn of the Century / Early 20th C.

Boris Akunin (Russia); Erast Fandorin Series – First book/Latest: The Winter Queen, 2003/ The Diamond Chariot, 2011. Fandorin is a gentleman sleuth who solves murders and mysteries in tsarist Russia.

Conrad Allen (England); George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield Series – First book/ Latest: Murder on the Lusitania, 1999/ Murder on the Celtic, 2007. Mysteries set at sea. Cozy

Rhys Bowen (England); Molly Murphy Series – First book/Latest book: Murphy’s Law, 2001/Hush Now, Don’t You Cry, 2012. Royal Spyness Series – Her Royal Spyness, 2007/The Twelve Clues of Christmas, 2012. Set in Ellis Island and NYC / Set in London and features a penniless 20-something member of the extended royal family. Cozy

***Caleb Carr (US); Laszlo Kreizler and John Schuyler Moore Series – First book/Latest: The Alienist, 1994/ The Angel of Darkness, 1997. A psychologist in 1896 New York

Marion Chesney (Scotland); 9 Series taking place in the 1800’s into the early 1900’s. Chesney, besides writing historical romance mysteries, also writes the popular Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth mystery series under the name M. C. Beaton. Cozy

David Fulmer (US); Creole detective Valentin St. Cyr Series – First book/Latest: Chasing the Devil’s Tail, 2001/ Lost River, 2008. New Orleans early 1900’s.

Maureen Jennings (England); Detective Murdoch Series – First book/latest: Except the Dying, 1997/ A Journeyman to Grief, 2007. Toronto.

J Sydney Jones (US); Viennese Mystery Series – First book/Latest: The Empty Mirror, 2009/ Silence, 2011. Vienna lawyer at height of the city’s artistic, social importance.

Laurie King (US); Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes Series – First book/Latest book: The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, 1994/ Garment of Shadows, 2012. Holmes is mentor to 15 year old Mary.

**Stefanie Pintoff (US); Detective Simon Ziele Series – First book/Latest: In the Shadow of Gotham, 2009/ Secret of the White Rose, 2011. New York, 1905.

Frank Tallis (England); Liebermann Papers Series – First book/Latest: Mortal Mischief, 2005/Death and the Maiden, 2011. Features a psycho analyst in Vienna in the 1900’s.

Victoria Thompson (US); Gaslight Series – First book/Latest: Murder on Astor Place, 1999/ Murder on Fifth Avenue, 2012. In New York 1900’s, featuring midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy.

WWI and 1920’s

Rennie Airth (South Africa); John Madden Series – First book/Latest: River of Darkness, 1999/ The Dead of Winter, 2009. 1920’s England. Hardboiled.

Suzanne Arruda (US); Jade del Cameron Series – First book/Latest: Mark of the Lion, 2006/ The Crocodile’s Last Enbrace. After driving an ambulance in WWI, Jade sets off for Africa. Cozy

Barbara Cleverly (England); Detective Joe Sandilands Series – First book/Latest: The Last Kashmiri Rose, 2001/ Not My Blood, 2012. WWI hero in India, France and England.

**Kerry Greenwood (Australia); Phryne Fisher Series – First book/Latest: Cocaine Blues, 1989/ Dead Man’s Chest, 2010. 1920’s Australian Cozy.

Gillian Linscott (England); Nell Bray Series – First book/Latest: Sister Beneath the Sheet, 1991/Blood on the Wood, 2003. Suffragette and amateur detective England post war.

***Jonathan Rabb (US); Berlin Trilogy – First book/Latest: Rosa, 2005/ The Second Son, 2011. Berlin Kriminal-Oberkommisar Nikolai Hoffner between the two world wars.

Nicola Upson (England); Josephine Tey Series – First book/Latest: An Expert in Murder, 2008/ Fear in the Sunlight, 2012. Josephine Tey is the lead character 1920’s England. Cozy

Featured image**Charles Todd (US); Ian Rutledge Series – First book/Latest book; A Test of Wills, 1996/ No Shred of Evidence (2016). A war vet attempting to pick up the pieces of his Scotland Yard career. Bess Crawford Series –A Duty to the Dead, 2009/ An Unmarked Grave, 2012. Volunteer nurse during WWI.


WWII and 1940’s

Harold Adams (US); Carl Wilcox Series – First book/Latest: Murder, 1981/ Lead, So I Can Follow, 1999. Small town South Dakota during the depression.

**James Benn (US); Billy Boyle WWII Series – First book/Latest: Billy Boyle, 2006/ Death’s Door, 2012. General Eisenhower’s investigator during WWII.

**Rebecca Cantrell (US); Hannah Vogel Series – First book/ Latest book: A Trace of Smoke, 2009/ A City of Broken Glass, 2012. Political intrigue in Germany for a female crime reporter 1930’s.

Jill Churchill (US); Grace and Favor Series – First book/Latest: Anything Goes, 1999/ Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, 2012. Hudson Valley once wealthy, now poor, brother and sister 1930’s. Cozy

***David Downing (England); John Russell Series – First book/Latest: Zoo Station, 2007/ Lehrter Station, 2012. English journalist in 1938 Berlin.

***Alan Furst (US); Night Soldiers Series – First book/Latest book: Night Soldiers, 1988/ Mission to Paris, 2012. Espionage thrillers, pre-war and during WWII.

***J. Robert Janes (Canada); Inspector St. Cyr and Gestapo Kohler Series—First book/Latest: Mayhem, 1992/ Bellringer, 2012. During the War a French Inspector must work with a Gestapo Officer.

***Philip Kerr (England); Bernie Gunther Series – First book/Latest: March Violets, 1989/Prague Fatale, 2011. Police Detective then PI in pre, during and post WWII.

**Carlo Lucarelli (Italy); Commissario De Luca Series – First book/Latest: Carte Blanche, 2006/ Via Delle Oche, 2008. 1945 Italy during the final days of the facist regime.

***Mark Mills (England); only stand alone books –Featured image First book/ latest: Amagansett, 2004/ House of the Hanged, 2011. Romantic thrillers set in US and Europe during and after WWII.

***Aly Monroe (England); Peter Cotton, British Intelligence Officer during and post-WWII – First/Latest: The Maze of Cadis, 2008/ Black Bear, 2013.

Rebecca Pawel (US); Tejada Series – First book/ Latest book: Death of a Nationalist, 2003/ The Summer Snow, 2006. Set in fascist Spain; Carlos Tejada Alonso y León is a anti-Communist officer in the Guardia Civil.

Jacqueline Winspear (England); Maisie Dobbs Series – First book/ Latest book: Maisie Dobbs, 2003/ Elegy for Eddie, 2012. English female PI. Cozy

1950’s – 1970’s

**Alan Bradley (Canada); Flavia de Luce Series – First book/latest: The Sweetness At the Bottom of the Pie, 2009/Speaking from among the Bones, 2013. Features a young girl in a sleepy English village. Cozy

***Colin Cotterill (England); Dr. Siri Paiboun Series – First book/Latest: The Coroner’s Lunch, 2004/ Slash and Burn, 2011. Communist Laos in the 1970’s. Cozy

Loren D. Estleman (US); Detroit Series – First book/latest: Whiskey River, 1990/ Thurnder City, 1999. Series of 7 books detailing the history of Detroit from the 1930’s to the 1970’s.

Ed Gorman (US); Sam McCain Series – First book/Latest: The Day the Music Died, 1998/ Bad Moon Rising, 2012. Featuring an impoverished young lawyer in 1950s Iowa.

***Martin Limon (US); George Sueno and Ernie Bascom Series – First book/Latest: Jade Lady Burning, 1992/ The Joy Brigade, 2012. Military Police in Korea in the 1970’s.

***Walter Mosley (US); Easy Rowlins Series – First book/Latest book: Devil in a Blue Dress, 1990/ Blonde Faith, 2007. Fearless Jones Series – Fearless Jones 2001/ Fear of the Dark, 2006. African American PI’s in LA.

***Kris Nelscott (US); Smokey Dalton Series – First book/Latest book: A Dangerous Road, 2000/ Days of Rage, 2006. African American PI in Memphis, 1968, and Martin Luther King is coming to town to march.

***Malla Nunn (Australia); Detective Emmanuel Cooper Series – First book/Latest book: A Beautiful Place to Die, 2009/ Blessed Are the Dead, 2012. Set in South Africa during the apartheid era of the 1950’s.

George Pelecanos (US); PI Derek Strange and Terry Quinn Series – First book/Latest: Right As Rain, 2001/ Hard Revolution, 2004. Washington DC 1960’s.

**Tom Robb Smith (England); Leo Demidov Series – First book/latest: Child 44, 2008/ Agent 6, 2011. Featuring MGB Officer in Stalinist Soviet Union 1950’s.

Featured image


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