PI Mysteries

*** denotes favorites

  1. ***Hansen, Joseph; series character Dave Brandstetter. First book in series of twelve – Featured imageFadeout, 1970. Last: A Country Of Old Men,1991. Gay tough guy insurance investigator. (Hardboiled)
  2. ***Parker, Robert B.; series character Spencer. First book in series—The Godwulf Manuscript, 1974. Boston P.I. with sidekick Hawk. Most popular male P.I. in 1990’s. (Combination/Hardboiled)
  3. Healy, Jeremiah; series character John Cuddy. First book in series – Blunt Punts, 1984. (Combination/Hardboiled)
  4. ***Emerson, Earl; series character Thomas Black. First book in series –The Rainy City, 1985. Seattle, WA. (Combination/Hardboiled)
  5. Barnes, Linda; series character Carlotta Carlyle. First book in series – A Trouble of Fools, 1987. Sometimes Boston cab driver. (Combination)
  6. ***Kerr, Philip (Scottish); series character Bernard Gunther. First book in series March Violets, 1989. Trilogy pre, during and post WWII in Nazi Germany. Featured imageOften seen as – Berlin Noir –with first three novels included (Historical/Hardboiled)
  7. Mosley, Walter; series character Easy Rawlings. First book in series – Devil in a Blue Dress, 1990. African American P.I. begins after WWII. (Historical/Hardboiled/Combination)
  8. Scoppettone, Sandra; series character Lauren Lauranao. First book in series – Everything You Have is Mine, 1991. Lesbian P.I. main character. (Combination)
  9. Rozan, S.J; series character NY City Chinese American Lydia Chin. The first book in series – China Trade, 1994. Two narrators, odd number Chin and even number Bill Smith, Chin’s partner. (Combination)
  10. Lehane, Dennis; series characters Patrick Kenzie/Angela Germaro. First book in series – A Drink Before the War, 1994. Blue collar, Boston, male/female P.I. team. (Hardboiled)
  11. Lippman, Laura; series character Tess Monaghan. First book in series – Baltimore Blues, 1997. Also –In a Strange City, 2001 about Poe and Baltimore (Combination)
  12. ***Nelscott, Kris; series character Smokey Dalton. First book in series – A Dangerous Road, 2001. African American P.I. involved in historical events starting with assassination of MLK. (Historical/Combination)
  13. ***Cohen, Mark; series character Pepper Keane. First book in series –The Fractal Murders, 2004. Boulder, CO; humor. (Combination)
  14. Smith, Alexander McCall (British); series character Mma Ramotswe. First book in series – The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, 2003. (Soft-boiled)
  15. ***Smith, Julie; series character Skip Langdon. First book in series – New Orleans Mourning, 1990. New Orleans homicide detective. (Combination)Featured image
  16. Peter Temple (Austrian); series character Jack Irish. First book – Bad Debts, 1996. Melbourne PI (Combination/Hardboiled)
  17. Thomas Kaufman; series character Willis Gidney. First book – Drink the Tea, 2010. DC PI (Combination/Hardboiled)
  18. Bill Pronzini; series character “Nameless Detective.” First book: The Snatch, 1971. Latest book: The Vixon, 2015. Probably the longest-running PI series currently in print. (Hardboiled)

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